Energise your career with a franchise opportunity from Freewater4u


Freewater4u  has spent several years working on solar and water projects both independently and in partnership with other companies. The company has decided to now expand their concept internationally through a franchise network.

Freewater4u wants to considerably contribute to the environment by delivering and installing environmentally friendly systems, which can reproduce and/or generate water without the waste of natural resources. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate costs associated with utility electric and  water services through the design and installation of Atmospheric Water generators, Solar Photovoltaic systems, Solar PV systems, Solar Heating & Cooling the use of Aero generators (Wind Turbines) and other sources of renewable energy.



Anyone who invests in a franchise opportunity with us becomes part of our franchise network. This network operates using our core values and aims, which include:

· An innovative and enterprising approach to the provision of environmental friendly energy.

· The maintenance of strong and mutually beneficial partnership and supplier relationships.

· The provision of high quality products and services, along with top customer service for our clients, along with a speedy delivery and support.

· The achievement of all promises and agreements made to our customers, partners and suppliers.

· No Royalties to Pay & No Hidden Extras.

Our AWG’s use 30%-65% less power consumption than ‘other’ brands!



AWG ‘Exclusive’ Distributorship License from just $5k to $15k usd.

Cost according to demographic of region/state/country. Contact us today for further details and availability.

The exclusive ‘master’ distributorship license may be at present still available for your entire region/state/country….

On acceptance of the said agreement you the ‘distributor’ will become the sole representative of your area.

Furthermore as the exclusive agent in your selected region you will automatically qualify for even lower and unbeatable AWG prices that INCLUDE Worldwide shipping! In addition you can sell further distributorships to third parties in other areas within your given region/state/country and benefit from ongoing marketing support and leads directly from us.

The cost of acquiring our ‘exclusive ‘master’ distributor license’ differs from region to region dependent on various demographics i.e. economic status, capita of population, marketplace and geographic size and location, we therefore state ‘region/state/country’ dependent on geographic size and demographic criteria.

This is a life changing, lifetime license.

Our continued strive to create global recognition, technical advancement and high quality low priced goods at manufacturer’s wholesale prices enable a substantial profit to distributor’s worldwide.  In order to create the awareness of our products and services we have introduced exclusive territories to increase sales volumes and lower the ‘carbon footprint’ of our products.

Join us today. Make a DIFFERENCE!


Getting you started;

In addition to achieving your ‘exclusive license’ we suggest that you place an order for a small number of machines so as to carry ‘stock’ in order to show ‘samples’ to both buyer’s and investors.

Please identify to us the order quantity and model type of our home/office machines required, as prices vary,  so as we can then prepare your order.

WATER – A source of LIFE!


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