The opportunity to energise your career by joining the eco-friendly franchise bringing fresh water to those who need it most.


Franchising with Freewater4u comes with two main draws:

  1. As a franchise partner, you will have the training, ongoing support and instant brand recognition of which independent start-ups can only dream.
  2. You’ll contribute to the Worlds push towards an eco-friendlier environment by delivering and installing systems that produce or generate water without wasting the planet’s natural resources.

You’ll be your own boss while using our successful business model that has brought our company to the point where we are now franchising worldwide.


Our experience of 20 years goes into developing solar and water projects (sometimes in partnership with other companies) that seek to make a positive contribution to our environment.

We deliver and install eco-friendly systems that reduce/eliminate electricity and water service costs. This is achieved through our designing, selling and installing atmospheric water generators that take water from the air.

With 140 quadrillion litres of water vapour in our atmosphere, our generators allow clients to benefit from this vast untapped resource.

We are the refreshing, innovative alternative to:

Bottled water requires manual transportation, incurs high prices, takes up storage space and generates PET waste.

Water supply network that suffers water cuts during droughts and, depending on the area, can be of poor quality.

Water trucks come with high prices – like bottled water – lack reliability in their supply and come with significant logistical challenges.

Underground water is affected by droughts, which often have a bad taste and come with risks of contamination from aquifers (porous rock).

Desalination plants come at a high cost to the environment and those running them, plus the water produced often has a bad taste.

Only 75 companies in the world provide atmospheric water generator services like ours, and we are one of less than twenty that manufacture the equipment.

In the next five years, the world will be in a critical state of ongoing drought, with many countries already being heavily affected. Freewater4u aims to help as many people as possible through its remarkable approach to fresh drinking water generation for:

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Clinics
  • Hospital
  • Schools
  • Farms
  • Fire services
  • The military
  • Commercial laundrettes
  • Car washes
  • …and any other establishment that requires our services.


  • A long-term business that is expandable in many areas. Now is the perfect opportunity to get in at the start with Freewater4u.
  • Technical support from the best engineers in this field.
  • Affordable and scalable.
  • No royalties.
  • Market-driven and market leaders.
  • A branded and reputable company that will help you draw clients from day one and only grow as demand increases over the coming years.
  • You can work either from home or in an office.
  • Included in our franchise Package are two bolt on additions an exclusive water treatment service and Solar Energy.
  • So in fact three franchises in one. & Facebook


Minimum stock purchase of ten units. These can be mixed specifications.

Minimum of thirty sales per year.

Ability to demonstrate your product and sell the best solution for your clients.


“Since joining Freewater4u it has opened a new opportunity in expanding my existing pool maintenance business to a completely new dimension, Portugal has a growing water shortage and now I am selling some wonderful machines and technology.”

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Our Franchise campaign is currently focused on the USA & Europe

We do however welcome anyone else to join us from other countries and regions 


Contact us and join our journey   00351-910417191   portugal 




Contact us now Freewater4u


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Chris Petit
2 months ago

I am in Atlanta Georgia USA and am interested in learning more
Chris 1-770-845-1545

Kaiser Ahmed
3 months ago

Interested to learn more.

Alwin Van der zandt
4 months ago

How do I get in contact with you for more info about the franchise and is here someone that I can visit in portugal Algarve

8 months ago

I would like to start with you this business in qatar