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Freewater4u  & Solarpanels4u

is a technology integrator in renewable and sustainable power water generations systems. It distributes Solar and Wind power water generation equipment in the latest technologies. It integrates complete and reliable, small to medium sized, non-grid electrical generations systems that include power & water generation, power storage and energy supply. It integrates its systems to the grid or remains standalone for urban societies, rural communities or remote locations. It deals with power generation systems from 300 watts to 500kWh. It supplies power tools, appliances and equipment capable of operating with the solar or wind power systems it supplies. All systems, equipment, or tools are economically priced to enter into non-traditional markets, and to make energy accessible and affordable to the neediest people on earth.


Freewater4u & Solarpanels4u


is a proponent of the renewable and sustainable power generation systems (decentralized power generation) specifically designed to supply energy and water to a farm, a house, a building, a school, a hospital, or an application onsite. Power reliability can be provided with energy storage capabilities. This approach allows development of rural land, even if the power grid and water services has not reached or is inexistent. Freewater4u & SP4U is a proponent of growing the power generation system in a modular manner, and in accordance to the onsite growing power requirements. It further supports the production of tools, appliances and equipment that works with DC, to reduce cost of the entire power generation, supply and usage system, for the benefit of mankind.


Based in Portugal UK & The USA, France & Africa


Frequently Asked Questions

This seems too good to be true – do these machines really make water from air?

Our units generate clean drinking water from the humidity in the air – zero toxins and zero byproducts.
Though this seems like something out of a sci-fi film (this tech was actually featured in the first Star Wars movie),
our machines are real, full-proof, and safe. The future of water has arrived.

Can atmospheric water generation negatively impact the environment?

The atmosphere is constantly replenished through water evaporating into the air in mass and will not run dry. In fact,
AWG is safer for the environment than relying on our aquifers and other freshwater resources that are at risk of being depleted.

With so much pollution in the air, is AWG water really safe to drink?
Yes, our water is of utmost quality — air pollution does not impact the quality and cleanliness of our water.
The water is pure to begin with as it sits in our atmosphere as water vapor and is then condensed from gas form to liquid form.
The water vapor is drawn through an air filter before it is treated with ozone, infused with essential minerals, and rendered clean and healthy with a truly refreshing taste.

Why should I switch to atmospheric water? What’s wrong with the tap or bottled water I currently use?
Tap water is known to contain numerous contaminants which can lead to adverse health effects, and about 60% of all bottled water is collected from tap water sources.
Moreover, bottled water introduces new contaminants into the water from the chemicals involved in the packaging process as well as the plastic itself.
Moving away from tap and bottled water is a step towards a healthier lifestyle.

What are the benefits of atmospheric water?
Our units provide the convenience of producing high-quality water at the point of need in a sustainable fashion.
Use of our units prioritizes your health as well as the health of our planet through avoiding harmful drinking water contaminants and single-use plastics.

What is the quality of the water?
The water generated by our units uses an ozone treatment process and is infused with essential minerals – magnesium and calcium –
to produce alkaline water with a stabilized pH level of 7.6-8.1.

Does the water have fluoride in it?
No, our units generate toxin-free and contaminant-free water – no fluoride or chlorine is used in our AWG process.

Are there any limits to the units’ functionality?
AWG units require an energy source for operation – power outlets, generators, and solar systems will work provided they
supply the necessary energy requirements for each unit.
Additionally, our units require a minimum relative humidity level of 35% to produce efficiently.

Will my unit require any sort of maintenance?
AWG units use filters to manage water quality and require periodic filter replacements every 6-12 months
(depending on surrounding air quality and amount of water used).
There is an air filter which draws the water vapor, and there are two water filters which treat and infuse the water with essential minerals.
The maintenance is minimal — changing the filters is as demanding as changing a light bulb.


Water diagram
Water from the air